About Cherry

  • Cherry is a one-stop platform for all your investments, built to help you invest like a pro!
  • Invest safely and securely with Cherry which has grown out of the seed of simplicity, learning and transparency from the trusted house of Kotak.
  • On this single dashboard, you can seamlessly do all of this:
    • Buy Mutual Funds — pick from the trending options like Index funds, International Equity, ELSS and more
    • Invest in Bonds: Choose from corporate bonds offering interest rates of up to 11%.
    • Stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds: Gold, Index Funds, etc.): Easily transact on a single app
    • One-click external MF: Track all your mutual funds, no matter when and where you invested.
  • Give your financial goals wings and work towards them by investing smart. Get a glance at the top trending investment products at your fingertips. Make your money work for you!
  • New to investing? You’ve come to the right place. Cherry has so much rich content, easy calculators and tools to help you get the hang of investing. To ensure seamless and easy investing, cool new features and products are constantly added to help you in your investment journey.
  • Already investing? Go ahead and upload your other investments, know which mutual funds carry a commission here, and track them all seamlessly on this Super-App.
  • What’s more? Simple journeys, easy navigation, news and insights, all jargon free — a complete Do-It-Yourself platform where you call the shots.
  • The Kotak Group has been a pioneer in offering market-leading solutions in the investment space. So, take a bite of Cherry by Kotak today. It will grow to be a fruitful partnership.
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