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Cherry is a one-stop platform for all your investments, built to help you invest like a pro!
Invest safely and securely with Cherry which has grown out of the seed of simplicity, learning and transparency from the trusted house of Kotak.

For any resident or tax-paying individual, it's always a yes from Cherry. If you already have a trading account with Kotak Securities, that's just a cherry on top.

It is NOT mandatory to open a Kotak Bank account. There are no restrictions. We’re cool like that! You can buy Mutual Funds, Stocks directly or even book Fixed Deposits with Kotak Bank (except Recurring Deposits) using any of your non-Kotak Bank accounts.

Cherry is completely safe and is powered by state-of-the-art software. It has a 2-factor authentication system for the safety of your account, at all times.

Investment in securities market and Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.
For any grievance/complaints, please write to us at say.hello@kotak.com
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    Kotak Cherry Platform makes best efforts to ensure that the information is correct and updated at all times. However, as the information is received from a third party, Kotak Cherry Platform will not be responsible for any inadvertent error in the information displayed on the platform.
  2. Kotak Cherry Platform uses Application Programming Interfaces and portals provided by third party service providers to facilitate transactions. Kotak Cherry Platform maintains the status of the transactions, account opening status, KYC, portfolio etc. based on the data provided by the third-party service providers and as per the regulations prescribed from time to time.
    Kotak Cherry platform does NOT provide any advisory services to its clients, currently. However, it reserves the right to modify the service offerings in the future.
    The services/facility of Kotak Cherry Platform may be suspended or withdrawn at any time, and you acknowledge that the Kotak Cherry Account is also subject to interruption.
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